posted by Luchi 77 at martes, febrero 21, 2006

NOFX - The Longest Line.
This is the first release with El Hefe in the band and where the band really became the NOFX we all know and love today, kids. This short 5-song EP is quite good and is also a turning point for the band. NOFX went from being an alright band to a great band after this was released. "The Death of John Smith" is one of the first really good more serious NOFX songs, and really should have been saved for a full-legnth album. "The Longest Line" is a perfect song for someone who is just feeling down on their luck, without being too whiny about it. "Kill All the White Man" is a reggea type song with El Hefe on vocals, and also breaking out his trumpet playing skills(which he also shows off on a few other, later NOFX songs). (Obviamente, esta reseña no es mía).

The Death Of John Smith
The Longest Line
Kill All The White Man