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The Huntingtons - Fun & Games!.
Though times, members, even the overall vision of the band may change, one thing hasalways remained consistent with the Huntingtons over their 7 year history: catchy, popbased, punk rock songs delivered with an uncompromising amount of energy. After years of touring the U.S., along with 2 trips to Europe and 2 amazing shows with Joey Ramone, theguys have settled down to write their 7th full length album. With not-so-new members Andy DiBiaso (guitar) and Rick Wise (drums) on board, the band that took Ramones-core to awhole new level is now focused on creating something that's all their own, while continuingto pay homage to the creators of the genre. Recently parting ways with long time label Tooth and Nail Records, the band spent most ofthe last year touring and searching out a new home. After returning from a 5 week trip across Europe in February, talks with Fastmusic began. What started off as a request for asong to appear on an upcoming comp. turned into discussions of the bands future, and thento the start of a new relationship and ultimately their best material to date. The band record-ed their 7th album, and 1st for the Fastmusic label, last Spring. C&P.

Huntingtons - Bubblegum Girl

Alison's The Bomb
Bubblegum Girl
Lucy's About To Lose Her Mind
The Only One
Huntingtons At The Beach
All She Knows(Is Breakin My Heart)
Losing Penny 8. She's A Brat
Friday Nights At The Rec
Goddess And The Geek
Don't Beat Me Up
Leave Home
Come On Let's Go


At jue. mar. 02, 03:32:00 a.m. 2006, Anonymous Reckless

gracias por los discos...ahora
solo no se si es mucho pedir...
pero si no hay otro servidor para poder subirlos...
rapid... tiene la mala idea
de esperar 1 hora para bajar otra "cosa" de su server
.... podrian usar otro servidor? es bueno


At jue. mar. 02, 03:38:00 a.m. 2006, Blogger Luchi 77

voy a probar en el subir un par de discos. Aunque tengo un par ya cargado en el rapidshare, vo a hacer la prueba con el tal mooload.