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Darlington - All The Wrong Moves.
(Re-uploaded). This is a great Darling album. It's very short, clocking in at less than 20 minutes, but Christy and the gang make up for it with some very kick ass tunes. Highlights, include "Ocelots," "I Don't/Detached," and a very punk rock version of "The Christmas Song." In true Darlington style, this new release brings yet another line-up change. Longtime drummer, Stevey Stress, has been replaced by Josh Francen, and Eric Warner is the latest Darlington bassist. If you have Moron-A-Thon, and Louder Than Morrissey, then why not pick up All The Wrong Moves?. C&P.

Skate Or Split
OcelotsClick to listen to this song
Bride Of Frankenstein
I Don't/Detached
Lucky Girl
I'm Fine
Can't Control Me
The Christmas Song


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