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Marky Ramone & The Intruders - Answer To Your Problems.
This album is packed with 14 fast and catchy tracks, including a driving duet with Joan Jett as well as a punkified cover of the Beatles' "Nowhere Man." The album was produced by Rancid's Lars Frederiksen. His influence is noticeable but not too noticeable--these guys set out to keep the spirit of the Ramones alive, and that's just what they do. Still, there is something very original going on on this album, thanks both to Lars and to Marky's solid songwriting. I can't get enough of tracks 6 ("Life Sucks") and 9 ("Middle Finger"). I highly recommend this disc to any fan of the Ramones, Marky, or Rancid as punk album worth hearing. C&P.

What If
One Way Ride
Nobody Likes You
Life Sucks
Don't Blame Me
Don't Think
Middle Finger
Cry Baby
Under the Gun
Nowhere Man
Better Than Being You


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