posted by Luchi 77 at martes, junio 20, 2006

NOFX - Pump Up The Valuum.
Listen to the record. Pump Up The Valuum is more clever, more irreverent and more crude than NOFX has ever been: and hot on the heels of the unprecedented The Decline, an amazing 18 minute punk-a-thon, NOFX come slamming back with 14 instant classics (in about 32 minutes). Pump Up The Valuum combines some of NOFX's most outrageous (and curiously thought provoking) lyrics like in "Louise," "Herojuana" and "My Vagina" (a first-person account of becoming a transsexual), as well as some of their most http://poignant lyrics like in "Total Bummer." This is their eighth album for Epitaph. C&P.

And Now For Something Completely Similar
Take Two Placebos and Call Me Lame
What's The Matter With Parents Today?
Dinosaurs Will Die
Thank God It's Monday
Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don't)
Stranger Than Fishin
Pharmacist's Daughter
Bottles To The Ground
Total Bummer
My Vagina
Theme From A NOFX Album


At mié. jun. 21, 06:36:00 p.m. 2006, Blogger Nagiants40

Argentina win this world cup if Aimar plays..ARE YOU KIDDING ME...?? hauhahauuahuha es solo una brincadeira, acho que Argentina estas jogando muy melhor de que Brasil...



At dom. jun. 25, 02:04:00 p.m. 2006, Anonymous BB

excelente disco!! muy muy recomendable, ni un solo tema malo


At jue. jul. 20, 10:07:00 p.m. 2006, Anonymous Javi

Para mi excelente banda, y el disco es muy bueno, pero no el mejor para mi gusto, el que más me ha gustado es "So long and thanks..." y también el maxitema "The Decline" un verdadero compendio de todo lo hecho anteriormente :D