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Sublime -Acoustic: Bradley Nowell And Friends.
The best thing about Sublime Acoustic is that it's not a great big production gala of producers and other celebrities, it's a down to earth, lo-fi recording that makes you feel like you're just hanging out in the backyard, checking out the band with a couple of friends. And when I say lo-fi, I mean that in the best way possible. The sound and production is a little bit shoddy, but the record is so happy and amicable that it expunges the lack of engineering with sheer personality and authenticity. The best tracks on here are probably Saw Red, Foolish Fool, Rivers of Babylon and Marley Medley. Any Sublime fans should definately check this out. C&P.

Wrong Way - (live)
Saw Red
Foolish Fool
Don't Push
Mary / Big Salty Tears - (live)
Boss D.J.
Garden Grove - (live)
Rivers Of Babylon
Little District
KRS-One - (live)
Marley Medley: Guava Jelly / This Train
What Happened / Eye Of Fatima
Freeway Time In L.A. County Jail
Pool Shark
It's Who You Know


At mié. jun. 21, 01:12:00 p.m. 2006, Anonymous Matt

Thanks for this. Good luck to Argetina against Holland.