posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, julio 15, 2006

The Apers - Buzz Electric.
The Apers, aka the uncrowned kings of the European poppunk rock 'n' roll, are back on Stardumb Records with their second full-length, "The Buzz Electric", feat. 12 pop-drenched rock 'n' roll smash hits. It's steamy, it's fresh and it's so full of energy. Whoever said that poppunk is for pussies? This is some hardrocking stuff, tell you that. "The Buzz Electric" is a clear result of hard work, amazing song writing skills and the pure love for rock 'n' roll in all its forms. Recorded over many cold & dark days in December 2002 and January 2003, this record is destined in becoming a European punkrock classic. C&P.

Here To Stay
Brand New Day
Almost SummerClick to listen to this song
I Can Not Live My Life Without You
Won't Be The One
Please Don't Change
Love Me Touch Me Feel Me
Play The Leading Part
Too Many Backpacks At The Show
You're A Star (you Will Shine Again Some Day)
No One Is Getting Out Here Alive