posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, julio 03, 2006

FYP - Toys That Kill.
The arrival of F.Y.P's final record was far from a tragic event, as the band made a couple of member changes and reemerged as Toys That Kill (also, the name of their final record) soon after. This last effort under the F.Y.P moniker will surely please most of their fans. Its finest attribute is probably the very humorous and lengthy booklet enclosed in the CD, which documents the band's tumultuous history and has bios of its most important members. Their story is an interesting and silly one. The record features a slightly older, but still obnoxious and proud, F.Y.P yelping at the world like an aggro little dog. There are a couple of excellent, though bitter, tunes about ex-girlfriends, "Belittle My Brain" and "I'm Gonna Kill Her," while "Wherever the Creeps Go" and "Come Home Smelly" are catchy tunes with the usual guitar crunch and sing-along chorus. Also, the cover drawing of a guilty-looking naked child with presumably a parent's finger pointing at him is hilarious and very much sums up the whole F.Y.P experience. ~ Adam Bregman, All Music Guide. C&P.

Bellittle My Brain
Animals (To Me)
Come Home Smelly
Hey Gorbie
I'm Gonna Kill Her (When I See Her)
Love's Been No Good To Me
Wherever The Creeps Go
Outta My Head
Rub My Face In The Carpet
Don't Have Another One
Stupid's On
One Thousand Dead Cheerleaders (Can't Be Wrong)
Paranoid Chant