posted by Luchi 77 at martes, julio 04, 2006

The Methadones - Not Economically Viable.
Based loosely on the movie Falling Down, where Michael Douglas unravels under the weight of the nerve wracking oppression of the Establishment, Not Economically Viable is rife with angst and rebellion. The moral of the story is "life ain't fair" and the Methadones can certainly relate. So can you. Not Economically Viable is a 12 song pop punk ode to life's little inadequacies and what a dehumanizing social and economic system can do to you. That's not to say this is an overtly political record, cause it ain't. It's just the Methadones doing what they do best: punk rock. Every song plays fast and fierce without ever forgetting the power of hot licks and hooks. Featuring Dan Schafer (aka Dan Vapid) of Screeching Weasel/Riverdales/Sludgeworth fame, plus Mike Byrne (Vindictives), Pete Mittler and Mike Soucy, this is the Methadones' third full length CD and a second for Chicago's Thick Label. Recorded at Sonic Iguana studios with long time producer and good friend Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel, Anti Flag, Rise Against). This is easily their best and most mature record. C&P.

Bored Of Television
Mess We Made
Sorry to Keep You Waiting
What Went Wrong?
Million Miles
Turning Inside Out
Less Than Zero
Hit A Nerve
Transistor Radio
Suddenly Cool
Straight Up Pop Song