posted by Luchi 77 at martes, octubre 16, 2007

Nerf Herder - How to Meet Girls.
(Re-Uploaded). Nerf Herder scored an unexpected novelty hit in 1997 with "Van Halen," a jab at Sammy Hagar. By that point, Van Halen wasn't very contemporary, and staleness seems to be Nerf Herder's specialty. How to Meet Girls, the second release by these Weird Al Yankovic wannabes, is awfully toothless, which wouldn't be so bad if their targets were fresh. "Courtney" is a slam on grunge goddess Courtney Love--not exactly the toughest victim, especially with ill-conceived lyrics like "Saw you in a movie about pornography / you were looking pale and kind of saggy." Other brickbats targeting goth girls, Michael Bolton, metalheads, and teenage angst are lackluster. The under-12 set may find these tunes to be just funny enough to keep up with the bratty Blink 182-ish sound, but those with more discriminating tastes won't want to know How to Meet Girls. C&P.

Lamer Than Lame
Feeling Bad
Pantera Fans In Love
5000 Ways To Die
She's A Sleestak
For You
Life On Mars