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Saves The Day - Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides .
Uploaded again and it's working. Starting out in the mid 1990's in Princeton, NJ - Saves The Day rocked the Jersey punk scene. So what is so special about this new album? The band has come up with 19 tracks dating back from when they were teenagers up to a live track from a recent tour. You can hear the clear progression from the tracks that were demo'd in Chris Conley's basement til;l present day. All 19 tracks are extremely rare if not unreleased. C&P.

Ups & Downs
Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven
A Drag In D Flat
I'm Sorry For Leaving
Jessie & My Whetstone
Take Our Cars Now!
The Art Of Misplacing Firearms
The Way His Collar Falls
Clash City Rockers
East Coast
An Afternoon Laughing
Dave Feels Right
When It Isn't Like It Should Be
I Think I'll Quit
Jessie & My Whetstone (Live 2003)


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