posted by Luchi 77 at jueves, agosto 17, 2006

Balzac - Beyond the Darkness.
The influence of horror-punk cult icons the Misfits has stretched well beyond the band's original modest successes to win over successive generations of headbanging fans and influence numerous musicians. A prime example of that reach is this 16-track compilation by Japan's premiere quartet of skeleton-suited horror punks. Released on the Misfits own label and mentored by the masters themselves, this collection displays Balzac's rabid-speed-metal instincts and an occasionally zippy pop sense that owes at least a few bangs of the head to the manic, cartoon energy of the Dickies. There are moments early on ("Wall," "The Black Light Shines in ‘99") when it sounds like the band's triple-time fury just might permanently shred vocalist Hirosuke's voicebox or flail a limb or two loose, while later tracks like "Out of the Blue II" seem more rooted in the traditional lead guitar assault of Atsushi and the gang vocals of "Tomorrow" and "Monster II." The energy of their blitz-pop is impressive, if a bit two-dimensional, but there are hints here of some real promise beyond the "1-2-3-4-GO!" mentality, too. C&P.

Day The Earth Caught Fire
Into The Light Of The 13 Dark Night
The Black Light Shines In '99
Nowhere #13 ListenMusic
Yami-No Mukou-No Subete-Wo
Out Of The Blue II
In Your Face
The Silence Of Crows
Vanishes In Oblivion
The End Of Century
Monster II
Beware Of Darkness
Violent Paradise
The Bleeding Light
Diabolos (Live)
13 Ghosts (Live)
Day The Earth Caught Fire (Live)