posted by Luchi 77 at jueves, agosto 31, 2006

Balzac - Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism II .
This is Balzac's first full-length album in 2 years and it includes 16 songs. The total running time of the CD is like 60 minutes. This is Balzac's biggest album to date, and it also has the most variety, I would say too, even including a Bowie cover. This time around the album deals with the themes of "darkness" (as usual) and fear. After doing a cover of the track "Moon Light" by japanese rock band BUCK TICK for an upcoming BUCK TICK tribute CD, BALZAC have recorded a nice rendition of DAVID BOWIE's glam classic "Ziggy Stardust". Speaking of re-recordings - three old fan-favourites are about to get the re-recording treatment: "Human Blood", "No Resistance 1968", plus the all-time-fav..."Isolation From No.13" are gonna be re-recorded soon and released this spring!. C&P.

Death And Confrontation
In Those Days
Ziggy Stardust
Deep Blue
Japanese Chaos
Japanese Trash
I Can't Stand It Anymore