posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, agosto 28, 2006

Electric Frankenstein - How To Make A Monster.
Wild mix of the Dolls, the MC5, the Stooges, pre Rollins Black Flag and a whole lot of 60's garage rock hooks. These guys make it all seem so easy. The twin guitar sound is as big and thick as a wrestler's neck, and it's perfectly complemented by singer's WWF approved holler. Beyond the flooring impact of the sound, it's the songs that make this platter so hard to remove from your deck. Numbers like 'I'm not your nothing' have all the simple, stripped down, brilliance of the early Ramones. Pefect for greying punks like yours truly - as for the young 'uns, their future is safe in these tattooed knuckles: this is the real deal!. C&P.

I Was a Modern Prometheus
Cut from the Inside
Speed Girl
Use Me
Feel the Burn (Chronic)
My World
Don't Know How to Stop You
Up from the Streets
Pretty Deadly
Something for the Pain
I'm Not Your (Nothing)
Phatty Boom Batty