posted by Luchi 77 at domingo, agosto 20, 2006

Huntingtons & Darlington - Split.
Those mad Melted Records scientists, Malibou Lou and Bruce concoted this classic split cd between the legendary Huntingtons and the Notorious Christy Brigitte Darlington and dropped it on the world in 2000 (along with the legendary Huntingtons/Darlington US tour!) The Huntingtons cover the Darlington classic "Judy Jetson", while Christy Darlington offers up a do-over of the Huntingtons fave "Jackie Is An Athiest"! What fun! Many of the songs from both artists are unavailable elsewhere, making this CD highly collectible! Rock out to the Huntingtons christmas classic "It's Always Christmas At My House" or laugh along with Christy Darlington as he takes the Donnas' song titles and album titles and makes a song out of them in the classic "Donna A.", the perfect soundtrack to your next party!. C&P.

(Huntingtons) Too Late
Judy Jetson
When I Get Over You
I Don't Like It
Glue Sniff Death Shocker
Let's Go To Haddonfield
He Better Stay Away From My Girl
It's Always Christmas At My House
(Darlington) Donna A.
Pogo Beach
Stonehill U.
Jenna O.D.'d Last Week
Karen Elson
Jackie Is An Atheist