posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, agosto 30, 2006

Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy.
Upon first listening to it, I remember being immediately hooked on the first few songs, especially "the boat dreams from the hill", with its thick opening bass and catchy guitar. I thought the later songs on the album were okay, but the first few I loved. After several listens, however, I appreciated the other songs more and more. Songs like "outpatient" and "condition oakland" are lyrically poetic, do not follow the usual fast paced punk sound, and are somewhat reminiscent of early Jawbox. Other songs, such as "jinx removing" and "ache" reminded me of later Husker Du, mixing speeds and providing almost dialogical lyrics. This album is lyrically excellent, and has a great combination of sounds found in other Jawbreaker albums but done best on this album. After years of listening to this album, I still find myself popping it into the stereo for the thousandth listen. One other point: I tend to avoid criticizing others' reviews; however, one past reviewer compared Jawbreaker to Screeching Weasel. While I like Screeching Weasel, their sound is very different from Jawbreaker's. Screeching Weasel has a very Ramones type of sound (they've even covered several Ramones songs), whereas Jawbreaker is more akin to Jawbox, Husker Du's last four albums, and Samiam with a more punk edge. C&P.

The Boat Dreams From The Hill
Ashtray Monument
Condition Oakland
Do You Still Hate Me?
West Bay Invitational
Jinx Removing
In Sadding Around