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Marky Ramone - Start Of The Century I.
The first CD contains both Marky Ramone & The Intruders CDs from the 90s (both of which were sadly underrated), and the second CD is live Ramones covers. I love the Ramones, but the second disc is basically like listening to a Ramones cover band. The Intruders stuff is what's worth the price of admission. No, it's not exactly the Ramones, but it's not a far cry from them, either. The Intruders are snottier and more darkly personal, but the trademark drumming is there, as is the occasional silly lyric. Some songs are gritty in a '77 way; others are homages to pop (check out the cover of "Nowhere Man" and the Phil Spector-meets-Queers "Don't Blame Me" featuring Joan Jett). But for the most part, the Intruders have a straight-up fast snotty punk sound, not unlike Screeching Weasel and early Rancid and other bands that were deeply influenced by the Ramones. The only bad thing is that the tracklist seems mixed up - I don't recall his solo album songs in this order and I hear various vocals all over the place - so it's not linear. Otherwise, it's brilliant to have the Intruders' output on one CD. Ramones fans will have their assorted beefs, but fans of Screeching Weasel-type punk will be in heaven. C&P.

Under The Gun
Nowhere Man
Nobody Likes You
Can't Take It With You
Oh No Not Again
One Way Ride
I Wants My Beer
What If
Coward With A Gun
Telephone Love
Don't Blame Me
Maybe Tomorrow
Life Sucks
Good Luck You're Gonna Need It
Cry Baby
Holding A Grudge
Better Things
Don't Think
3 Cheers For You
Middle Finger
Back Off
Better Than Being You
Man Of God
Road Rage
Motivate To Move


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Tremendo lo tuyo Luchi, gracias x estos dos discos de Marky!!!