posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, agosto 26, 2006

Methadones - Ill At Ease.
This is nothing but excellent Ramones-inspired punk rock; it’s simple, fast, and fun. One problem though with bands like The Methadones sticking so close to this formula is that the songs will tend to blend together & sound too similar to each other... but Dan Vapid is a pro at this type of music so there are plenty of great songs on this CD so that it never gets boring. Solitude, Take A Look, Hygiene Aisle, Past Mistakes, Ill At Ease, Slow Down, and Whole Lot Of Nothing are all kick ass songs. If you are a fan of Screeching Weasel, MTX, The Riverdales, or The Queers then you should check this out if you haven’t done so already. C&P.

Hygene Aisle
Wake Up
Past Mistakes
Bottom Out
Take A Look
Slow Down
Whole Lot Of Nothing
Who Am I?
Ill At Ease