posted by Luchi 77 at viernes, agosto 04, 2006

The Offspring - The Year that Punk Broke.
This is an import CD from the Offspring, recorded live on tour in 1994. It is mostly in "Like New" condition, however, there is a single crack in the jewel case. From the liner notes: Its taken TEN years of solid hard work for the Offspring to cross the boundries from hardcore to the Billboard Top Ten. The grunge landslide of the past three years has given way to pure punk capturing the hearts and minds on the Lallapalooza gene ration. The mainstream has now been breached and with bands such as the Offspring, Green Day, and NOFX burning up the college radio charts it was only a matter of time before the influence would leak into the major charts. Who could have thought that two years after their incarnation in 1984 when the Offspring released their first single "I'll Be Waiting," that eight years on from their debut that they would have a million selling record on their hands. Orange country hardcore has at last BROKEN through, lets hope new fans go back and check out some of the old classics groups such as Agent Orange and the Adolescents, as well as tracking down the Offspring mighty fine debut platter, Ignition. Vocalist Dexter Holland, guitarist Noddles, bassist Greg K and keeper of the beat, stickman Ron Welty have fused together a potent blend of punk and Ska mixed through a funk blender, and the smash hit single "Come Out and Play" bears witness to this and the album, Smash, is one of the freshest sounds to grace the billboard charts for years. This is the start of another new wave of punk bands from America as high energy groups like Green Day and the Offspring get to influence a whole, new generation that never had the opportunity to witness the original punk explosion in America in the early eighties. Hey, with any luck we may even get to see an Operation Ivy revival. 1994 in proving to really be the year that Punk broke. C&P.

Bad Habit
Get It Right
Kill Boy Powerhead
Burn It Up
Gotta Get Away
So Alone
What Are We Heading For
What Happened to You
Come Out and Play
It'll Be A Long Time
Self Esteem
We Are One