posted by Luchi 77 at domingo, agosto 13, 2006

Riverdales - Riverdales.
I was once asked the question, "If you had one album that would play inside your head over and over until the day you died--which album would it be?" This Riverdales record was my answer--and still is. Ok so you know that it's basically Screeching Weasel redux Ramones, and perhaps you know that Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame helped produce this record, but did you know that the legendary Rev. Norb of Green Bay Wisconsin's Boris the Sprinkler is the speed talking DJ on "Fun Tonight"? Bonus points for you if you did! And If you know what the "27" stands for--you deserve a new car!. Every one of these songs is pure punk rock. I saw these guys open for Green Day on the Insomniac tour in 1995, and they shook every person in that crowd. Their music is straightforward providing the tone and backdrop for the power and emotion of the words. But those words are incoherent. I've been listening to this record since 1995 and I still don't have a clue what Ben is saying half the time, but it doesn't make a difference. If you listen to "Plan 13" and try to write down the lyrics you won't be able to do it, but you will definitely agree that it's a great song. The Riverdales have put out three records to this date. This is the first, the one that set the stage for the rest. It documents the punk themes of love, angst, and the inevitable search for something to do on Friday nights. This album is essential Punk Rock, and with the exception of "Yesterday's Kids" I haven't heard anything this good in a long time. C&P.

Fun Tonight
Judy Go Home
Wanna Be Alright
Back to You
Not over Me
She's Gonna Break Your Heart
I Think About You During the Commercials
Plan 13
Outta Sight
In Your Dreams
Hampton Beach