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Satanic Surfers - Unconsciously Confined.
For about a decade now, Satanic Surfers have delievered melodic, fast, catchy punk rock that will get your adrenaline pumping and head bobbing in a matter of seconds. When "Hero of Our Time" came out in 95, it was a huge step for the band. They instantly gained popularity all around the world and touring with big name bands. Thier next 3 follow up LPs were good, but IMO, they lacked the spark and fun of "Hero of Our Time". Now, the Surfers have delivered "Unconsciously Confined", and it is by far their best cd since. Rodrigo, their lead singer and drummer for many years has moved off his drum duties to give new drummer Marty a chance. By doing so, His voice sounds stronger and the lyrics are better and deeper then they have ever been. Marty also does a great job on the drums. The rest of the instrumentals are clean, crisp and smooth, making it easier on the ears then the last records. The sound is a bit poppier, but its still as infectious as ever. The best tracks have to be "Forfeiture", "Thoughts, Words, Action", "Sing-Along Summer-Song", "State Of Comformity", "Pecan Pie" and "Diversity". However, all songs sound good, and you can easily listen to this disc all the way through each time. The melodies are driving, the hooks are excellent, the druming is good, and the classic Surfer sound is still there. In all, this is a great record, by far the best Surfers record since "Hero Of Our Time". This one really deserves a listen, it'll please everyone. C&P.

Thoughts Words Action
4 Am
Pc Equals Potential Criminal
The Sing Along Summer Song
State Of Conformity
More To Life
Dont Let Silence Be An Option
Aim To Please
Pecan Pie
Up For Sale


At vie. ago. 18, 10:48:00 a.m. 2006, Anonymous Eke

El mejor de los Surfers lejos! Gracias loco! La verdad visito la pagina todos los dias, segui asi :)