posted by Luchi 77 at domingo, septiembre 03, 2006

7 Seconds - Scream Real Loud.
One of the best live albums I've heard. Sound quality is great and truly captures the band's live energy. One of the greatest peace-punk hardcore bands of all time- buy this record, play it, then go and find yourself a bar or club where they are playing. It's feel-good music!. C&P.

Sooner Or Later
Not Just Boy's Fun
This Is The Angry
Message From A Friend
Here's Your Warning
Definite Choice
Slow Down A Second
One Big Guessing Game
Committed For Life
If The Kids Are United
You Lose
Young Til I Die
Here We Go Again, Kids
The Crew
Remains To Be Seen
Regress, No Way
Red & Black
99 Red Balloons
In Your Face
Never Try
Walk Together, Rock Together