posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, septiembre 04, 2006

F.Y.P. - My Man Grumpy.
Se postea de nuevo. No, that's not a typo...the band leaves the period off the "P" in their name. There are tons and tons and TONS of bands playing screamer punk/pop, but there's one thing that almost all of them are missing...that is, a good sense of humor. Well THANK GOD for bands like F.Y.P because I laughed many, many times while listening to their latest CD. Not only are the lyrics and photos extremely amusing, but the band actually writes some damn good songs with clever hooks. My favorites here are "I Dunno What's Happening To Me," "I Don't Wanna Carry Your Books," and "Slitwrists." The photo on the back of a pantless fellow showing it off to a classfull of young schoolgirls is priceless. I wish now that I had caught these guys' recent show, cuz I bet it was a sweat-filled riot... Totally. C&P.

I Egged The President
I Dunno What's Happening To Me
I'm Over Now
I Am Not An Elephant, I'm A Buffoon
Pork Rinds & Yoohoo
Get Away (I Smell)
Motherfucker, Cheap Thumbsucker
I Don't Wanna Live To See Tomorrow
Chastity Belt Blues
Allergic Listen Listen Listen
I Don't Wanna Carry Your Books
Superbowl Sunday