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Hard-Ons - Very Exciting.
The Hard Ons remain one of the most influential bands in the pop-punk genre and have released their best album in years. Beginning with "Datelees Dudes Club" and ending with "Too Far Gone," the Hard Ons explored every nook and cranny of their original line-up and ending with a disc (TFG) that was largely experimental, save "Trouble, Trouble," which remains one of the strongest songs they've ever released. The departure of Keish (w/Blackie taking over vocals) and their hiatus has paid off in the newest version of the band. "Sunny" is the best pop-punk song of recent memory and is orders of magnitude better than the snotty, polished, and flaccid efforts now formulated by Blink-182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, et al. If you ever wondered where these bands got their ideas, look beyond the Descendents and Green Day to Australia, and find the Hard Ons. C&P.

Punk Police
Scared of It All
Killing Me
Olympic Diver
Cat's Got Your Tongue
Pimple Boy
Race Tracks
Caravan Man
(Everytime I Hear) Techno (I Pray for Death)
Breakfast Caramel
Preservation of a Wild Cat


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