posted by Luchi 77 at martes, junio 24, 2008

Highschool Dropouts - Highschool Dropouts.
Re-subido. With incredible production and lighting speed this is 23 minutes of perfect punk rock! The debut full length from the great HIGHSCHOOL DROPOUTS! After a few compilation tracks and split 7" with bands like Darlington The Highschool Dropouts are ready to take over the world. Vapids, Lilingtons, Manges, Ramones, Queers, Weasel fans will want to pick this one up! This isn't wimpy MTV pop punk!.

She Makes Me Sick
Feelin' Alright
Harry Crumb, Private Eye
Shortfall In My Head
I Need You.. To Kill You
Flux Capacitor
Lost In Time
Things You Do
Suicide Mission


At mié. sep. 13, 05:17:00 p.m. 2006, Anonymous Toxxy

I'm definitely gonna check this one out! Cheers Luchi!