posted by Luchi 77 at martes, octubre 16, 2007

Nerf Herder - My EP.
(Re-Uploaded). The kings of nerdcore are back for another round, sort of. My E.P. is a collection of catch pop-punk masterpieces. Since the band has only released 3 albums in over 9 years of existence, they decided to let Honest Don's plunder their highly secure vaults & assemble a few gems that, for unexplained reasons, have never been released before. The EP was actually released in 2001 on My Records with 6 tracks, but this version adds 4 bonus tracks, 'Fight For Your Right To Masturbate', 'I Want To Take You Out For Ice Cream' & ' Nikki Webster' (one is hidden). C&P.

Hotel California
Love Sandwich
High School
Bridge Under Troubled Water
Sportsman Bar
I've Got A Boner For Christmas
Fight For Your Right To Masturbate
I Want To Take You Out For Ice Cream
Nikki Webster
Here Comes Santa Claus