posted by Luchi 77 at martes, septiembre 12, 2006

NoFx & Rancid - BYO Split Series Volume III.
The idea of two punk giants fighting it out in the studio was born on the hallowed 7-inch single, but these two summer-tour veterans and Epitaph labelmates have brought it to the modern age on the third installment of BYO's Split Series. Berkeley, California's Rancid bring attitude and tradition to the bill. Old-school oafs NOFX bring humor and frontman Fat Mike, a veritable underground punk legend and karaoke king. Like a medical experiment gone so wrong it's right, together they take on six of each other's songs and the results are riveting--whether it's Rancid mowing through mosh-pit standards like "Moron Brothers" and "Stickin' in My Eye," or NOFX finding the funny side of the cod-reggae Clash tribute "Radio" and triumphantly thrashing "Corazon de Oro." C&P.

Moron Bros
Stickin In My Eye
Don't Call Me White
Vanilla Sex
I'm The One
Olympia WA
Corozon De Oro