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Operation Ivy - Energy.
Some albums are a nexus and a microcosm all their own. This is one of them. This little collection of tunes will still be kicked around speakers and radio stations fifty years from now. I have no doubt of it. This album never fails to animate and invigorate the souls of those who hear it, it's a virus in the classic Burroughsian sense, but a virus that fortifies and awakens those who are lucky enough to catch it: This music is passion in its rawest and most vitriolic form. I'm sure you remember where you were when you first heard Op Ivy. I'm sure that, like me, you got it then and still get it now, you felt like you had discovered something so unbelievable and exceptional- you wanted to share it with everyone important to you. I put this on and remember for a second what it was to be young and venomous, what it was like to believe that music could change the course of human destiny... For so many of us, coming of age in the early 90's- Op Ivy was our Clash, or perhaps one of those bands that caught their torch and ran with it. All of which is to say, my affectations and bellicose meanderings aside: this is not a CD. This is the file in the cupcake. They had the balls to sneak it into your cell. The rest is up to you. C&P.

Sound System
Take Warning
Crowd, The
One Of These Days
Gonna Find You
Bad Town
Freeze Up
Artificial Life
Room Without A Window
Big City
Junkie's Running Dry
Here We Go Again
Yellin' In My Ear
Sleep Long
Healthy Body
I Got No


At vie. sep. 22, 06:25:00 p.m. 2006, Anonymous Anónimo

I have to say I was lucky enough to catch the virus! I appreciate your blog a lot! Keep up the great work!