posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, septiembre 20, 2006

P.P.M. - 3rd Round Brand New P.R. Sound.
As the name indicates, this is Spanish legends PPM´s 3rd album. with a total of 21 tracks it´s defenite value for your money. With a couple of tracks which were taken from some of the earlier albums, it´s an album you Ramone´s fans out there will enjoy. C&P.

3rd Round
Straigh To Hell
Back Door Betty
It´s Alright
Dreaming ´69
Self Satisfaction
I´m On My Wwn
Bored Of Growing Old
I Don´t Wanna Be A Millionare
So Full Of Shit
No Time
Larry´s Song Pt. 1
(Happy To Be) Alone
I'm With You
She's A Rainbow
Goodbye Song