posted by Luchi 77 at martes, septiembre 12, 2006

Shelter - Mantra.
A logical outgrowth of New York's straight-edge scene--which steered devotees clear of drink, drugs, and excessive behavior (other than loud guitars)--this intense foursome mixes hardcore sounds with a heavy dose of Krishna Consciousness. Yes, that's the same belief often disseminated by airport-based chanters, but Ray Cappo (formerly of Youth of Today) and company will never be confused with their orange-robed brethren--even though tracks like "Message to the Bhagvat" come directly from the same source. Fans of the charismatic Cappo's earlier music, and even some of Shelter's previous releases, might be put off by the pop leanings interposed here and there, but the anthemic quality (think U2 with considerably more brawn) of Mantra's best moments is impossible to deny. C&P.

Message Of The Bhagavat Civilized Man
Here We Go
Not The Flesh
Surrender To Your T.V.
Letter To A Friend