posted by Luchi 77 at viernes, septiembre 01, 2006

Skaladdin - Far-Off From Okay.
After their successful first album 'Rub the Lamp', Skaladdin released their second record titled 'Far-Off From Okay' in november 2003. The CD features remarkably arranged and varied songs. Compared to Skaladdin's first album, the band consciously invested a considerably larger amount of money in the recording, which is easily noticeable by the listener. The responsible people at Pimp Records, as well as the band members themselves are very proud of their new musical offspring, which is a multiple listening pleasure, thanks to numerous musical influences. The classical Ska-Punk songs such as 'Red Dot Girl', 'Holiday', and 'Paranoia Punk' vary between powerful guitar chords and thriving off-beats. On the other hand, songs like 'Getting Dizzy', a Reggae and Dancehall Ska tune featuring Admiral James T. on organ, or 'Wishes', in which DJ Edi takes away a nice hip hop groove like Sublime did in the old days, prove that the band knows how to shake those lady's hips. Last but not least, Skaladdin covered 'Zündhölzli', a song of the well-known Bernese songwriter Mani Matter, the only song performed in another language than English, to be precise in Swiss German (no this ain't Dutch). C&P.

Red Dot Girl
Terrorist Nations
La Tache
Porn To Make You Happy
Boiled Eggs
Poll Party
Your Turn
Getting Dizzy
Paranoia Punk