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VA - AMP Presents Vol. 2 Street Punk.
Well, just as AMP Magazine had presented Hard Core with both a vengeance, and impeccable taste in Volume 1 of this series, Volume two of the AMP Magazine Presents… series sets it’s sights on the genre of Street Punk, and it follows right along in step. Plenty of inclusions that are no brainers ( THE UNSEEN, BOUNCING SOULS, THE CASUALTIES, LARS AND THE BASTARDS, ANTIFLAG, THE VIRUS, etc…), plenty of the bands you would hope someone doing this would be cool enough to put on, ( THE BRIGGS, THE HUNNS, GC5, THE FORGOTTEN, etc…), and even a few bands that you probably are not too familiar with that just plain rule the school (STREET DOGS, LANCASTERS, and so forth). Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge of the “who’s who and what’s what” in Street Punk, or you’re an old pro and you just want to have an amazing mix-CD added to your collection. C&P.

Anti-Flag - Turncoat
Bodies - (Take You Out) Tonite
Bouncing Souls - Kids And Heroes
Briefs - Destroy The USA
Briggs - Bored Teenager
Casualties - Sounds From The Streets
Defiance - Terrorist Attack
Dropkick Murphys - Time To Go
Forgotten - Same Old Story
GC5 -Straight Outta Luck
Hunns - Love And Hate
Lancasters - Burn The Bastards
Lars Fredriksen And The Bastards - Army Of Zombies
Lower Class Brats - Just Like Clockwork
New York Rel-X - Paranoia
One Man Army - TV Song
Real Mckenzies - Droppin' Like Flies
Street Dogs - Savin Hill
Stitches - 2 O'Clock Shakedown
Swingin' Utters - Glad
Throwrag - Hang Up
Toxic Narcotic - Shoot People, Not Dope
Union 13 - ymptoms Of Humanity
Unseen - False Hope
U.S. Bombs - Framed
Virus - So Long


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Hanx a lot Luchi, great stuff!


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thanx a lot