posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, septiembre 23, 2006

VA - Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault (Jawbreaker Tribute).
Jawbreaker has had such a great influence over so many different bands, in so many different scenes, in so many different parts of the world. They are one of the few groups that transcend every genre. East and west coast, European, Australian, punk, emo, hardcore, and even seminal bands that are looked on as punk icons, such as Face to Face, all point to Jawbreaker as a group that has affected their music. For the first time ever, Dying Wish Records has brought together a group of bands from all over the world to pay tribute to Jawbreaker - all on one album. The Dying Wish Records Jawbreaker Tribute features 17 brand new, unreleased, Jawbreaker cover tracks plus 1 bonus track from some of today's most popular, up-and-coming, and legendary bands. With this album we aim to inspire and expose a new generartion of fans to the music of Jawbreaker. C&P.

Bigwig - Ashtray Monument
Bayside - Chemistry
Face To Face - Boat Dreams From The Hill
Name Taken - Want
Duvall - Busy
Travoltas - Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
Riddlin' Kids - Jinx Removing
Counterfit - Million
Aeffect - Boxcar
For Amusement Only - Shield Your Eyes
Fall Out Boy - Save Your Generation
Reunion Show - Unlisted Track
Sparta - Kiss The Bottle
Nerf Herder - Chesterfield King
Kill Your Idols - Do You Still Hate Me?
Gamits - I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both
Goodnight Bad Guy - Jet Black
Jeff Ott (Fifteen) - Better Half