posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, septiembre 04, 2006

VA - This Is Boston Not L.A.
As for this cd, it's a no-brainer - a hardcore classic, of course. The Gang Green and Freeze material are the highlights. Gang Green's are ultra-fast and wild pre-dating even the mighty Siege while The Freeze's are snarling punk, fellow Boston legends Jerry's Kids, The F.U's and Proletariat rip it up with some blazin' '82 Boston hardcore plus the little known Decadence and The Groinoids also contribute strong material. It's yet another example of why Boston wiped the floor with every other hardcore scene in the early 80s. C&P.

Straight Jacket - Jerry's Kids
Uncontrollable - Jerry's Kids
Wired - Jerry's Kids
Desperate - Jerry's Kids
Pressure - Jerry's Kids
I Don't Wanna - Jerry's Kids
Options - Proletariat
Religion Is the Opium of the Masses - Proletariat
Allegiance - Proletariat
Preskool Dropoust - The F.U.'s
Radio Unix USA - The F.U.'s
Green Beret - The F.U.'s
Time Is Money - The F.U.'s
Snob - Gang Green
Lie Lie - Gang Green
I Don't Know - Gang Green
Rabies - Gang Green
Narrow Mind - Gang Green
Kill a Commie - Gang Green
Have Fun - Gang Green
Broken Bones - Freeze
Idiots at Happy Hour - The Freeze
Now or Never - The Freeze
Sacrifice Not Suicide - Freeze
It's Only Alcohol - The Freeze
Trouble If You Hide - Freeze
Time Bomb - Freeze
This Is Boston, Not L.A. - The Freeze
Selfish - Gang Green
Empty Skull
Voodoo Economics - Proletariat
Machine Gun
Ceta Sucks - The F.U.'s
Refrigerator Heaven - Freeze