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Zatopeks - Ain't Nobody Left But Us.
Re-subido. The debut album of the Zatopeks from London/Birmingham is a mix of 50's pop, 90's Lookout! punk rock and Tom Waits kind of twists. Together with the introspective story telling lyrics of monobrowed frontman Will DeNiro this sets the Zatopeks apart from all the pop punk bands out there. This album contains 14 songs full of melody, wit and energy, a genre classic to be.

The Summer I Fell In Love With Jimmy's Girl
Turkish Bread Chronicle
City Lights
Mary Lou
Some Town In Northern France
The Boy Done Good
The Night Spider Earned His Colours
Another Night On The Divide
Jenny Kissed Me
Quality Footwear
Turn To Gold Blues
Sophie Scholl
Deniro Come On
At The Dive


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como bajo de sendspace??


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this album rules. thanks for your efforts with this blog, lucci.

any chance of you re-upping the screeching weasel 87 demo? link is dead :(