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Huntingtons & Retarded - Split.
The HUNTINGTONS should be no seceret to most people in the U.S with their RAMONES 1-2-3-4 sound and countless tours across the U.S. These guys have been at it for a few years now and have gained a large following world wide. While some of their newer material has started to stray from the 3 chord Ramones sound of past recordings the songs are this release seem to stick to the 3 chords and a attitude formula with a few new twist thrown in there. Includes a cover of The CURE'S "Boy's Don't Cry" and 5 brand new songs. Hailing from Italy the RETARDED are cut from the same Ramones cloth as the Huntingtons. Although the Retarded seem to go more for the Dee Dee Ramone inspired 1-2-3-4 songs. These guys rock like the first 4 Ramones albums or the Queers Love Songs. Fans of the Ramones of course as well as Queers, Riverdales, Vapids, Stardum Records and pop punk with some balls will be more then pleased with this release!!. C&P.

Huntingtons - Lets Fight
Huntingtons - Rock N' Roll Girl
Huntingtons - Potty Mouth
Huntingtons - Boy's Don't Cry
Huntingtons - Old Number 6
Huntingtons - Fade Away
Retarded - Leave It Behind
Retarded - You Gotta Go
Retarded - Restart
Retarded - Shake Your Ass
Retarded - Day By Day
Retarded - You Gave Your Love To Me Softly


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