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Copyrights - Mutiny Pop.
Every few years a band comes along in the underground with enough force to break through the surface. These bands tend to burn hot; they burn bright, so much in fact that they tend to be something of a rock and roll anomaly. Immediately, everyone begins to take notice, and they leave a mark. Mutiny Pop is that bright burning light—from a band that is creating enough friction in the underground pop scene to torch the entire set of clichéd expectations of poppunk. The Copyrights, in their second full-length album continue their assault on the genre; recreating, mutating, and reengineering the sound into something more aggressive, fun and exciting than anything heard before. Mutiny Pop is exactly what fans have demanded from “The current saviors of pop-punk.” The Copyrights are burning bright—signaling a whole new era of underground music. C&P.

Weapons Of Math Destruction
Stuck In Springtime
This Ain't Broadway
Over It
Help Me Stay Awake
My Heroes Are All Assholes
Live Vest
The Ceiling's The Limit
Button Smasher
Playing Dumb
Playing Dead
Kill The Captains


At mié. feb. 28, 04:32:00 p.m. 2007, Anonymous Toxxy

Hanx a lot for all these Copyrights albums Luchi...d*mn I like this band :)