posted by Luchi 77 at martes, febrero 27, 2007

Copyrights - Nowhere Near Chicago.
Everyone comes from somewhere, and the Copyrights aren't afraid to let their roots show. On this record they take four songs - each one by a former band of each member - and bring them back to life in an all-new Copyrights kind of way. It's old songs with new style. The Waxdolls, Big Fat Nothing, Attitudes and Holidays never sounded so good. These guys are making a big noise in the underground poppunk scene. If that classic sound ever breaks again, The Copyrights will definitely be at the forefront of the crowd...and if it stays underground, they'll still be rocking just as hard as ever for those of us still holding strong... and remember, Carbondale is nowhere near Chicago!. C&P.

Screwin Around
Kolmer Irons His Socks
New One