posted by Luchi 77 at martes, marzo 06, 2007

Broadways - Broken Star.
Few albums have the ability to make people feel. Sure some of those emo albums appeal to depressed High Schoolers, but just doesn't seem to hit on the same level as Broken Star. This is one of the only albums to ever put a tear in my eye (and I didn't even feel that depressed). There is so much true emotion in this that you can't even call it emo or whatever, they don't even put the message first, it rocks as well. I remeber the first time I heard Red Line, it was just such a great song and I have felt that way to the T at times. This album appeals to everyone all areas of life are covered on this from love to politics to just living life and finding meaning. Then there is the music, it just seems to be sown into the singing and the meaning (rhymes, yes I am that good). The structure of each song is just so accomadating to the lyrics and the intontation. There are so many things in this album that just makes me feel, you know actually feel what they are saying. How did they have the ability to get me to hear them out? I could always care less about what a band has to say, I just care about them rocking me. I never really searched for a band that would mean something beyond the music, beyond the sound. I have learned a lot from this cd, I have seen things diffrent and I have learned a lot. Though it's ashamed that the bands to come from this just aren't up to snuff, it is good enough that they put this amazing album out. I've never ever heard a more passionate album ever. C&P*.
(*) Recordar: C&P=Copiar & Pegar.

15 Minutes
Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Genocide I Learned in the Third
The Kitchen Floor
Police Song
Jonathan Kozol Was Right...
We'll Have a Party
Red Line
I Hear Things Are Just as Bad Down in Lake Erie
Fuck You Larry Koesche, I Hope You Starve and Die Someday
25 Degrees North
Ben Moves to California
The Pope of Chili-Town
The Nautical Mile