posted by Luchi 77 at jueves, marzo 01, 2007

Frustrators - Bored In The USA.
The Frustrators - Bored In The USA While their hasn't been much action in the world of Green Day for the past couple of years, bassist Mike Dirnt started a new band with friends Jason Chandler(Vocals), Terry Linehan(guitar), and Art Tedeschi(drums) called The Frustrators. On January 11, 2000 the band released their debut ep on Billie Joe Armstrong's label , Adeline. The cd starts out with "I slept with Terry." Maybe it is just me but the song reminds me a lot of the Black Flag song "T.V. Party" The album then continues through 7 of the coolest punk rock songs I have ever heard, including a rocking cover of the Blondie song "Living In The Real World." Ever since I received this cd from Adeline Records I have not been able to stop listening to it. This is one of the best punk rock records I have ever heard in a long time. Don't go out and buy this album expecting Green Day like pop-punk. The band blends straight up rock and roll with punk, and a little country on the song "Brown Mercury Comet" to form some excellent songs. In an interview I did with Jason, the singer, he said they would be the kind of band playing with the Ramones and Blondie in 1983, and I think that is a fairly accurate description. "Living in the Real World", "West of Texas", and the song that will soon result in lots of hate mail from any midgets who happen to hear the song, "Great Australian Midget Toss" are my favorites on the cd. C&P.

east bay of urden bay
you're only human
west of texas
the great australian midget toss
brown mercury comet
i slept with terry
then she walked away
living in the real world