posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, marzo 07, 2007

the Misfits - Danzig and Doyle reunion in Philadelphia.
Danzig invited Misfits' guitarist Doyle von Frankenstein into the stage. Stomping around hammering on his guitar like the comic book hero he is, Doyle completely changed the character of the show - even Danzig httpstarted laughing and chatting to the crowd. They ripped through some Misfits classics, with Danzig showing the intensity and energy that made him a legend and the crowd responding appropriately. Finally, Doyle was summoned back for an energetic version of Die Die My Darling, giving the punters their final chance to mosh to Danzig-inspired mayhem. He may not be 30 or even 40 anymore, but a Glenn Danzig stage experience is definitely an experience no fan should miss seeing at least once. C&P.

Doyle Intro
20 Eyes
Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight
Earth A.D.
Hate Breeders
We Are 138
Doyle Returns
Die, Die My Darling