posted by Luchi 77 at martes, abril 10, 2007

the Frustrators - Achtung Jackass.
There are few bands that i demand more of in terms of touring and/recording, this is one of them. I know this is a part time band but i do wish they would release something more often even if it's just an ep. The frustrators second album is just a million times better than their first effort. They finally got the great mix of pop, punk, new wave and staright up rock n roll. Awesome album , short songs, and a Cars cover that makes the original seem bland. Mike Dirnt and the rest of the frustrators make deceptively simple music that is just super catchy. C&P.

Hide and Seek
Frustrators Jingle
The Crasher
My Best Friend's Girl
Pirate Song
The End
Bonus Track