posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, abril 02, 2007

Verse - From Anger And Rage.
A manifestation of the band's growth, reflection, and their struggle to speak out against a world that is suffocating, silencing, and invalidating an entire mass of resistant voices. The song writing is more cohesive than ever, hitting harder, heavier, and with much more focus. The vocals are angrier, more personal, more desperate than those of the past, venomously lashing out at the status quo, pleading with the silenced and the fearful to rise and embrace the strength in our numbers. For those still burning inside, take heart: from anger and rage comes rebellion. C&P.

Weather To A Stone
Hard To Breathe
Start A Fire
Standing In The Ashes
From Anger And Rage
We Were Here (39th And Glisan)
No Rest In Leavenworth
Follow Conform Repeat