posted by Luchi 77 at martes, mayo 22, 2007

Backwood Creatures - Living Legends.
This is an amazing release from Germanys pop-punk-kings, The Backwood Creatures. Possibly one of the best bands on the Stardumb Records roster, the BC's Living Lengends is a soild punk rock masterpeice. The sound is has a classic rock n roll vibe, rich and warm just like those old Beatles, Elivis and Rolling Stones records in your attic. Catchy as hell, great guitars and vocals, an all around Classic. C&P. Lo dicho, seria extraño encontrar en toda Europa otra banda Punk-Rocker (es que la medida Poppy-Punk ya le queda media estrecha) que suene mejor que esta, impresionante la voz e impresionante también su perfomance en el cover de los Misfits (Skulls).

You Definitely Suck
No. 1
Listen Up, Girl!
Rock'n'roll Is Lame
She's A Wow
Back To You
Dance 'til Dawn
It's Ok
At The Sonic Ballroom
Hipster Chick
No Sense