posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, mayo 05, 2007

Bananas - The First 10 Years.
This CD is a combination of their first album “Forbidden Fruit” along with the tracks from their out of print 7” records as well as other demo tracks and other hard to find Banana goodness. 34 SONGS IN TOTAL! This is amazing value!. C&P.

Midnight At The Rendering Plant
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
4. A.M.
Sugar Bear
Fancy Pants
Miracle Cure
Beggining Of The End
Forbidden Fruit
Feel Better
Enemies Everywhere
Pink Tuxedo
My Style Is Banana Style
I Gotta Be Me
Amy's Birthday
My Charmed Life
Big Blue Marble
Mr. Octopus Is Dead
Cure For Hiccups
Pink Tuxedo (Peel Sessions)
Death Star 90210
Steak Knife (Live)
Crooked Mile
Lemon Aid Stand
Stars For A Summer Night
You're Not The One For Me
Bad Banana Rising
Hole In The Ground
Spicy Jerk
Creeping Rosemary
I'm A Banana