posted by Luchi 77 at martes, mayo 08, 2007

G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats.
No punk cd collection should be without this album. There are several classics on it including I Am The Hunted, Sick Boy, No Surviviors, and of course City Baby Attacked by Rats. The sound is classic British punk and Collin has one of the best distinctive voices in the genre. This band gets total respect from me because they are still around making music without selling out to a major label. C&P.

Time Bomb
Sick Boy
Gunned Down
I Am The Hunted
City Baby Attacked By Rats
Prayer Of A Realist
Passenger On The Menu
Heavy Discipline
Boston Babies
Bellend Bop
No Survivors
Self Destruct
Big Womem
Am I Dead Yet
Slut Your Own Throat