posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, mayo 14, 2007

Hard-Ons - This terrible place.
This new album by Australian punk legends the Hard-Ons is absaloutely amazing. They've recently reformed after a five year break and their music has definitely changed since 1994. This album titled "This Terrible Place" is a bit slower than most of their previous work. The music still holds it's own with heavy guitar work by Blackie and lots of trademark super-fast drumming courtesy of Keish. Keish's vocals have also become a little mellower but he still sings, not shouts like many other similar bands. Ray's bass is fantastic as always and the three legends are very tight musically. A fantastic new album which is very different from their earlier work but just as good. C&P.

Oyster Sauce
Ice Cream
First Cut Is The Weakest
Time Won't Let Me
Trouble Trouble
Dim The Lights
Shark's Head
Fallen Star
I'm Bringing Your Death
Sadly Ever After
I Hate Clubbers