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VA - Dave Parasite Presents: Japan Punk Kills You!.
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Japan would be on it's knees giving lip service to the United States for every musical style it ever produced. These people go nuts for American music. Dave Parasite is the brains behind The Parasites, America's most underrated pop punk band. In line with such things, the comp put out by Ben Weasel is filled with bands that sound like Screeching Weasel. Joe Queer's comp is more eclectic but still leans heavily towards The Queers. Dave's comp is filled with bands that love The Parasites, with some retro power pop tossed in. Twenty songs from twenty bands who come off sounding more American than we do (during WWII it was said you could find the German spy because he spoke English better than Americans). Fans of power pop punk should love this, while rusty punks will puke upon contact. C&P.

Bug Sneakers - Temptation
The Rockachords - Last Summer Night
Mach Pelican - Blue Sky
Automatics - Yesterday's Children
Cruller - Believe In
Playmates - Sleep
Prospector - My Only One
See Her Tonight - The Band Is Gonna Play That Song Tonight
First Alert - This Is A Man
Grace - Smile
Not Rebound - Let's Go
Fun Fun Attitude - You're Cruel
Marquees - Funny Girl
Dizzy Joghurt - You'll See, Take Your Time
Just A Fine Slope - One More Step In Mind
Ron Ron Clou - Annoying Kids Are
P M Scop - Chocolate Song
Nails Of Hawaiian - Life Has Carved For You A Smile
Fun Up - You're The Only One
Sunnychar - La-Vi, La-Vi


At mar. may. 08, 06:54:00 a.m. 2007, Blogger pony_boy138

Can you provide details of the Joe Queer and Ben Weasel compilations, I've not heard of those.


At mar. may. 08, 07:12:00 a.m. 2007, Blogger Luchi 77

I copied this review from another site, but i think what this boy refer is about (for example) Ben produced the Manges compilation and Joe Queers made the same with the Nobodys.
Thx for ask, Regards.


At mié. may. 09, 06:35:00 a.m. 2007, Blogger pony_boy138

Thanks for replying and thanks for posting the album.