posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, mayo 23, 2007

VA - New York City Hardcore (The way it is).
A early NYHC compilation product of a scene, made to be imitated by a lot of bands around the world or some like Carlos Rodríguez says "mirate un poco y dime si no es verdad, tu eres de la BsAs Hard Core o de la new york city clon?".

Bold - Wise Up
Nausea - Fallout Of Our Being
Warzone - As One
Warzone - Escape From Your Society
Gorilla Biscuits - Better Than You
Gorilla Biscuits - Forgotten
Trip 6 - Back With A Vengeance
Breakdown - Sick People
Youth Of Today - Together
Youth Of Today - Understand
Sick Of It All - Politics
Sick Of It All - Pete's Sake
Krakdown - Ignorance
Side By Side - Dead Serious
Side By Side - Time Is Now
Youth Defense League - Blue Pride
Supertouch - Searchin' For The Light
Outro - Mission Accomplished