posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, junio 20, 2007

Bad Religion - New maps of hell.
Bad Religion’s anthems of bittersweet idealism and guarded hope seem more relevant now than ever before, their rousing wall-of-sound punk a soundtrack to troubled times. Their fourteenth album, entitled New Maps of Hell, is both a nod to the band’s defiant past and an undeniable step forward in the evolution of a genre they helped to define. While many of the new songs are as brutally fast and unflinchingly heartfelt as anything the band has done before, the record is also filled with unexpected sounds, inventive rhythms and lush pop choruses. And while the band might now look less like brash young upstarts and more like hip college professors (singer Graffin teaches at UCLA), the band are set to inspire a new generation of fans. C&P.

52 Seconds
Heroes & Martyrs
Germs Of Perfection
New Dark Ages
Requiem For Dissent
Before You Die
Honest Goodbye
Dearly Beloved
Grains Of Wrath
Prodigal Son
The Grand Delusion
Lost Pilgrim
Submission Complete
Fields Of Mars